WRB Trainers

Through the years we have had horses with many different yards across the country. We have had horses with 36 different trainers and have given two trainers their first winners. 

Most have been very accommodating about stable and gallop visits but we have gradually found the ones that we think are the most suitable to us and, in particular, syndicate owners and are very pleased with the current yards.

Our most successful trainer to date has been Jedd O’Keeffe (Middleham) with 30 winners.

Current Trainers Include:

David Nicholls (Thirsk, North Yorkshire)

Tim Vaughan (Aberthin, South Wales)

David O’Meara (Nawton, North Yorkshire)

Sheena West (Lewes, West Sussex)

Harry Dunlop (Lambourn, West Berkshire)

Noel Wilson (Thirsk, North Yorkshire)

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