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WRB Racing have been one of the leading syndicate specialists for many years.

For a fully inclusive monthly cost, WRB offer shares in racehorses in multiples of 5% and there are on average about 12 people in each syndicate. The owners have access to see their horse in the yard and working on the gallops whenever they want and receive an owner’s badge every time they go racing. They receive their full share of prizemoney won.

The syndicates are professionally and independently managed and have been highly successful. All owners receive a friendly and personal service.


Also known as Wetherby Racing Bureau, WRB Racing has now been operating since 1988.

We specialise in syndicating racehorses so that the syndicate members may enjoy all the fun and benefit of racehorse ownership without taking too much of the risk.

We have now syndicated over 90 horses with various trainers and have had over 1500 runners to date, with trainers including: Tim Vaughan, David Nicholls, Hughie Morrisson, Harry Dunlop,  Jamie Osborne, Susan Piggott, Sue Smith, Mary Reveley, David O’Meara, Jedd O’Keeffe, Micky Hammond, Declan Carroll, Sheena West, Gay Kelleway, Nick Littmoden, William Knight, Les Eyre, Eric Alston, John Balding, Charlie McBride, Jeremy Glover and Tony Newcombe.


Properly Managed

The syndicate is professionally managed to enable the horse’s racing career to be handled on behalf of the syndicate and in the best interests of the syndicate. This allows each owner to receive prompt and accurate information regarding the training and racing plans for their horse, enabling them to derive the maximum possible enjoyment from their share.

Risk Indemnity

Each owner is only responsible for his/her share of the costs unlike a normal partnership, where each partner would also be responsible for the other partners share if they did not pay. With WRB, we ourselves underwrite that risk so that each owner does not have to worry over the behaviour of his co-owners!


The terms on which each owner joins the syndicate are designed to allow any individual owner to leave the syndicate at any time without disrupting the enjoyment of his co-owners by forcing the horse to be sold through a Bloodstock Sale.


It is important when considering joining a syndicate to feel comfortable with the level of monthly costs you are committing yourself to and the value you are receiving. When comparing these to other syndicates currently in operation, it is also important that you check that the share, the level of service and protection involved, is the same. You will find that our charges compare very favourably to any of the other reputable and established organisations.

Service and Support

We are experienced syndicate managers and have handled many syndicates over the years for a number of different trainers. You can therefore be confident that we will continue to be around to give you a high quality of service and support throughout the life of the syndicate.

Escape Clause

Although we hope that owners will remain in a syndicate throughout its life, we appreciate that individual circumstances can change and there is therefore an escape clause that allows any owner to leave the syndicate even though the majority want to continue.

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