How It Works

Availability You can choose from a wide range of horses. Shares are available in multiples of 5% and there are normally about 12 members in each syndicate.
Purchase Costs Each Syndicate member pays his share of the valuation or purchase cost at the time of joining. In the case of a new syndicate, members pay their share of the purchase price or a deposit to reserve their place with the balance payable on purchase of the horse.
Training and Racing Costs Each member is responsible for his/her share of the keep, training and race costs.
Payment Schemes Owners pay a fixed amount monthly to include, in normal circumstances, costs of keep, training and racing, as per terms and conditions. The standard monthly payments currently vary from £119 – £165, dependent on which syndicate is chosen. Owners will be responsible for their share of the insurance premium.
Syndicate Management The syndicate will be set up and managed by ourselves on behalf of the members. Our experience allows our members to have independent and professional advice in selecting horses, planning race schedules, and liasing with both the trained and the syndicate members to enable the owners to derive maximum benefit from their interest.
Insurance The horse will be insured against death with each member paying for his/her share of the premium.
Registration at Weatherbys The syndicate will be registered at Weatherbys.
Risk Although by using careful selection procedures, a good trainer and professional management we try to mitigate risks as much as possible, a decision to enter into a syndicate should be made for enjoyment and participation reasons rather than any expectation of financial gain as racehorse ownership is a high risk business! 
Documentation All owners will be sent a certificate of ownership and copy terms and conditions. These terms and conditions state the responsibilities of each owner and protect the syndicate as a whole. Each owner is only responsible for his/her share of the costs and is not responsible for the liabilities of his/her co-owners, this liability being underwritten by WRB Racing.
Stable Visits You are welcome to visit your horse at the stables whenever you wish, as long as it is convenient to the trainer, and you will be made welcome by the yard.
Race Days We arrange for all our owners to receive a complimentary badge for entrance to the racecourse whenever their horse is in action.When your horse is running you will enjoy full ownership privileges at the racecourse including being able to watch your horse in the pre-parade ring, watch it be saddled, go in the parade ring and then the winners enclosure, if you win or are placed. Some of the courses also have special owners bars available.Naturally during all of this you will have the opportunity to meet and discuss the prospects with both the trainer and the jockey as well as meet other racing personalities, make new friends and hopefully have a thoroughly enjoyable day in the presence of your co-owners.
Sale of the Horse Should the horse be sold, each member of the syndicate will be entitled to their share of the proceeds.
Prize Money Prize money is credited to the syndicate’s account at Weatherbys and is distributed to the syndicate members on a regular basis.
Horse Information Syndicate owners are kept regularly informed as to the progress of their horse via email, telephone and mail. 
How to Join If you would like to fill in the form within the Contact Us page we will send you further details on how to join.

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